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Brandon Harrington Co Owner

brandon harrington


Brandon Harrington is the co-owner of Find Your Light, named after his father’s and mentor’s booming voice shouting from the sound booth, “Find Your Light!” He is extremely proud to start this new theatrical adventure with his loving family and the community who has embraced him. Brandon married his high school sweetheart Lauren, and has 3 wonderful children. He taught for 10 years in the classroom; including Language Arts, Drama, and Choir. His parents were both Drama teachers in the San Francisco Bay Area for a combined 50 years. Brandon moved to Colorado in 2011 and ran the Harrington Arts Theatre for 12 years. With a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Theatre (Directing emphasis) he has performed in, directed, written, choreographed, or done scenic design for over 200 productions. He has been awarded “Hero in the Community” twice, Teacher of the Year at Conrad Ball Middle School, is very active in the community, and has performed over 200 self written anti-bullying and character building assemblies at numerous schools throughout Northern Colorado. His favorite time

of year is October, when he and his clown alter-ego (“Stitches”) run amok! He and his motley crew have scared thrill-seekers for 12 years. Brandon also owns Suit & Tie DJ Professionals, and has been a professional DJ/MC for 18 years. Other than his family, he loves nothing more than to watch young actors and adults thrive and build self confidence on the stage. He truly lives by the motto, “All the World’s a Stage.”

mental wellness marissa dominguez

marissa dominguez, LMFT
mental wellness ambassador


Marissa has been working in direct-service and leadership positions in behavioral health for 25 years. She is a licensed therapist with a private practice in Larimer County. As a clinician who has been serving high-risk, low socio-economic Medicaid communities since 2006, she is present in universities recruiting therapists to start taking insurance to improve equity and address the epidemic-level therapist shortage in Northern Colorado. Before private practice work, Marissa held influential leadership positions in community mental health centers in California and Colorado creating innovative behavioral health Medicaid wraparound and Child Crisis programs, hiring lived-experience family partners to offer community-based support to diverse families, improving mental health access by creating Same Day Access for walk-ins, all of which helped secure further county contracts with state funding. As a leader in displaying excellent understanding of cultural sensitivities, she has been a guest lecturer on Diversity Domains and Cultural Competency since 2011, with an eclectic background in inclusivity growing up and working in the ultra-diverse San Francisco Bay Area. A born LGBTQIA+ and Women’s Health/Rights activist, in college Marissa was a volunteer Rape Prevention and HIV counselor while messaging for Rainbow Theatre on inclusion and equal rights. Marissa’s masters degree in Counseling Psychology is in Holistic Studies, promoting an integral approach to health and wellness. This is where she trained in Drama, Art, and Somatic (Dance) therapies which was full circle for Marissa who was raised by two theatre-director parents, and has been doused in performance art since birth with her theatre upbringing and family.


Marissa’s current passion is putting her expertise, energy and talents towards creating and care coordinating safe spaces for youth and adults in Northern Colorado to express themselves in all the hours of the week that aren’t a scheduled 60-minute psychotherapy session. She believes that gently nurturing vulnerable folks in settings outside of therapy will save lives, and Find Your Light is where she will be fostering her efforts to do just that. Marissa resides in Loveland, CO with her feminist husband and five children under age 10 who all remind her every day where the light always is.

Marily Harrington Assistant

marily harrington
administrative support

Marily Harrington is the matriarch of the Harrington family made up of seventeen strong yet loving people. She adores spending time with her family and helping wherever she can. Her husband Steve, who is singing with the angels now, and Marily were married for 46 and a half years and both firmly believe their family is their greatest accomplishment. Theatre has been the number one focus for her, aside from her family, for fifty years. Marily taught Drama, Decision Making, Skills for Adolescence and directed shows for twenty years in the San Francisco Bay area. She worked hard to attain a Bachelor’s Degree in Liberal Studies and a Master’s Degree in Person Centered Education. Focusing on bringing self confidence to all her students, by truly seeing them each day brought extra meaning to her teaching life. The school district she worked for, one of the top districts in California, recognized Marily’s strengths and asked her to develop curriculum for the entire district on the subjects of Decision Making, Skills for Adolescence and Drama with the building of self confidence being the main focus. As a seamstress Marily has made costumes for eighty shows and directed, assistant directed in over one hundred. Marily worked tirelessly for twelve years with a local nonprofit. Marily prides herself in being accepting, compassionate, a great listener and acknowledging each performer. Find Your Light’s mission has been her life’s work. Her favorite lyric is from the musical, “Godspell”. “You Are The Light Of The World”.

Harrington Theatre Brittany Grim

brittany grim


Over the last thirteen years Brittany has been creating theatre in the Loveland community. When first moving to Loveland, Colorado from the San Francisco Bay Area, Brittany and her dad got the opportunity to direct and choreograph at Loveland High School. This began Brittany's theatrical influence in the Loveland community. Brittany was previously the Executive Director of the Harrington Arts Alliance, a theatre company in Loveland that started with 2 students when they first opened in 2011 and grew to serve over 450 students under Brittany and Brandon's leadership.


Being raised by two drama teachers, it didn't take long for Brittany to hear the calling of the stage. She was in her first show when she was in fourth grade and the rest is history. After acting for 10 years, while studying theatre in college, Brittany was asked to assistant direct alongside her dad. She jumped at the opportunity. Now Brittany has directed 68 shows, choreographed 89 shows, assisted in some way with 134 shows, and has written and produced one original play. Brittany has been impacted by each experience. There is always something to learn and grow from actors, crew and the text. Theatre is magical that way. People get to learn more about the human experience by witnessing actors immerse themselves in new characters and backstories. 


Theatre is Brittany's true passion. Seeing actors come alive on stage, find a safe space to create and be themselves, that is what it is all about. Brittany likes to focus on the whole person. What are the needs of actors, what can she do to help them reach new heights both on and off the stage, what outlets can she provide?


Find Your Light LLC is a new chapter for the Harrington family. Brittany and Brandon have started this new organization so they could better serve the Northern Colorado community. She hopes you will join the Harrington family as they continue to create magic on stage for all ages.

personal development lauren harrington

lauren harrington
personal development advocate

Lauren Harrington is a Colorado Licensed Professional Counselor and holds a Master's in Education. This will be her 7th year as a high school counselor at Fort Collins High. Lauren has spent 15 years in public education as a teacher, student advocate for suicide prevention, Youth Mental Health First Aid trainer, and counselor. Lauren was the Co-Owner and original creator of the family-run theatre, the Harrington Arts Academy for 4 years. She then became the Co-Founder of the Harrington Arts Alliance when they transitioned to a nonprofit and spent 7 years organizing, running, and supporting the organization. Lauren has performed in 16 shows since high school and finds herself dancing and singing on the stage with her family every few years.  She has been a choreographer, director, and has taught various art forms and exercise/health classes for all ages.  Her favorite role is supporting and cheering on her high school sweetheart (husband), her 3 amazing children, and other family members as they shine on stage.

community engagement edgar dominguez

edgar dominguez
community engagement liaison

Edgar Dominguez brings a wide array of talent and experience to the Find Your Light team. Edgar holds a B.A. in Leadership and Administration-Recreation from San Jose State University. In California, Edgar worked for the largest non-profit mental health organization in the state trailblazing EMQ FamiliesFirst’s wraparound UPLIFT program before moving to the role of Behavior Specialist for the Relative Support Program. There he offered care coordination and collaboration with Social Services to create bilingual strength-based intervention plans for youth at risk for hospitalizations due to significant behavioral concerns. Edgar also was CEO of a clothing company, Young and Inspired, with an emphasis on highlighting activists and artists to represent the brand and lifestyle of “being inspired to inspire”.

In 2012, Edgar moved to Colorado working for Clinica Family Health Services as a case manager before transitioning to his grant-funded position with UCHealth as Health Equity Coordinator for Vida Sana. There he was an advocate for low-income communities around the Social Determinants of Health, writing grants for further funding to support these under-represented communities. He is a passionate leader for communities in need and building of strong, healthy foundations to improve life outcomes. At that time he co-founded Larimer Latinos and sat on the Board of Directors at Summitstone Health Partners. In these roles he would attend Community Equity Coalition meetings championing for social justice and equal rights around diversity, equity, and inclusion in Northern Colorado. In 2017, Edgar was a guest presenter at Bas Bleu theatre’s event called FoCo Speaks Out on growing up in marginalized communities and being racially profiled by law enforcement as a youth.

Upon meeting his wife in 2011, Edgar would travel to beautiful Colorado to visit her parents and family. He was overwhelmed by how safe and beautiful Colorado is. Through her, he discovered a genuine love of theatre. Raised on the soccer field as a recognized All-American goalkeeper, Edgar is no stranger to finding community, growth, and family in extracurricular activities. Like his wife Marissa was directed by her father, Edgar was coached by his father throughout his soccer career. Edgar feels inspired to honor his father-in-law’s legacy with Find Your Light. When he is not spending time with his wife and 5 children, you will find him entertaining the masses at events throughout Colorado as a DJ/Emcee for Suit & Tie as one of the top-requested DJs in the state. He prides himself on making events personalized for his clients tying in his die-hard passion for music.

Financial Advisor Jen Likes

jen likes
financial advisor

Jen Likes has had a love of theatre her entire life . Jen is a mother of 4 sons, two of whom are also actors and proud grandmother of 1. Theatre is an art that brings families together, either through the active participation or the viewing of this incredible art form.

It wasn’t until 2008, when she met Karla Quinones at Mountain View High School in Loveland that she truly found her passion. She learned to turn that passion into costuming, prop making and being a mentor to teens in the theatre program. In 2012, Jen met Brittany and Brandon and started work doing all of the above things and more. She added stage manager, assistant director, light technician, sound technician and actress to her resume. She is thankful that H and Marily saw the light in her by putting her on stage. Her life goal is to find one thing that scares you a little and try it. You never know where it will take you. Jen’s has taken her to being a part in some way or another of over 60 plus shows. 

As a part of Find Your Light, Jen is bringing all of her previous theatre experiences together with her knowledge from work life as an Accounting and Contract Sales Coordinator for Schlosser Signs. Jen is truly proud of being a mentor to our youth in our community through the performing arts and can’t wait to help them find their own light. 

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