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...american idiot...

“Television dreams of tomorrow, we’re not the ones meant to follow, for that’s enough to argue!”


There are so many empowering messages written by Billie Joe Armstrong throughout this show. “We’re not the ones meant to follow…” is a true testament to everyone who auditioned for this production. Being a part of this musical will we find our voices and what we stand for!

Rebellion. Love. Wandering. Friendship. And the beauty of coming home. 


This production of AMERICAN IDIOT will be a true ensemble piece. From never leaving the stage, to singing in every song and being in every dance, it is going to be an epic summer you won’t forget. Thank you to everyone who auditioned in person and virtually. I know life is busy, so for you all to make the time to do this production with Find Your Light as a creative outlet means so much. 


I can guarantee you will be pushed physically and mentally over the next several months. It will be the epitome of organized chaos.


Humbly Your Director/Choreographer




Our production team is dedicated to making sure this is an educational, enjoyable and creative experience for everyone involved.


Our first cast meeting is Tuesday, May 14th from 6-9pm. We will hand out scripts, rehearsal schedules, go over policies and get to know each other. Rehearsals will be Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 6-9pm. Performances are July 19th-21st at Bas Bleu in Fort Collins. If you have any questions or want to decline your role, please email


All rehearsals will be held at our studio space by Lake Loveland, 770 W Eisenhower Blvd here in Loveland. We are on the south side of the building with the red door. 


If you are interested in helping with set building, costumes, props, backstage support, or box office, please email:


Thank you for auditioning for FIND YOUR LIGHT, a Harrington theatre group. We are thrilled to be working with you all and look forward to future projects. Right now the staff is planning workshops and musical theatre intensives. It’s going to be a fun-filled summer. We hope you join us for other events over the summer.  


Congrats again and we look forward to spending the next few months together.

*Please note that some named characters are only written in a couple of songs, but everyone will be in everything.


Aden Valdez - Miguel, Chase

Alison Lanning - Libby

Aly Kerr - Extraordinary Girl

Anna Perry - Whatsername 

Ayden Smith - Leslie, Dance Captain

Bailee Roberson - Ensemble

Camryn Harrington - Heather

Charlotte Couzens - Ensemble

Cierra Gamino - Theo “Too Much Too Soon”

Damian Sanchez - Andrew

Eduardo Gomez Perez - Johnny

Elliot Harrington - St. Jimmy 

Emily Gray - Ensemble, Dance Captain

Jason Blantin - Ensemble

Jaxson Liscano Garcia - Will

John Kampf - Tunny

Lauren Harrington - Ensemble

Leo Coble - Gerard

Maia Jabalera - Declan

Marcy Licata - Alysha “Too Much Too Soon”

Marissa Egly - Ensemble

Noah Smith - Brian 

Oliver Lodato - Ben

Peyton King - Ensemble

Rachel Parsons - Joshua “Favorite Son”


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