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Alice by Heart

“Let the sorrow go, it’s half the battle. Down the hole you go, to where you are..”


A huge congratulations to the cast and crew of Alice by Heart. I was stunned by all of the talent that was shared with us over this last week. Inspired doesn’t even begin to cover it. As a director I love nothing more than being WOWed by the performers around me. You WOWed me. Thank you. We are about to embark on a journey down the hole and I cannot wait to take you all on this ride. I will push you in new ways, elevating you as performers and people. We will all learn how to connect, communicate and create as one. I want to hear your insights, your visions, your inspirations for this piece. It’s important that you all feel seen and heard. This is not an easy piece of theatre, but I know we are all up for the challenge. I am aching to get started. 


-Humbly Your Co-Director/Choreographer




Our production team is dedicated to making sure this is an educational, enjoyable and creative experience for everyone involved. Brandon and his set design crew will leave the audience speechless as soon as they walk in the doors. A set combining WWII elements and Wonderland, it is bound to be mesmerizing. 


Our first cast meeting is Thursday, February 29th from 6-9pm. We will hand out scripts, rehearsal schedules, go over policies and get to know each other. Rehearsals will be Thursday evenings from 6-9pm and some Saturday mornings from 9am-12pm. Performances are May 3rd-5th at Mountain View High School. 


All rehearsals will be held at our new studio space by Lake Loveland, 770 W Eisenhower Blvd here in Loveland. We are on the south side of the building with the red door. 


If you are interested in helping with costumes, props, backstage support, or organizing our concession stand, please email:


Thank you for auditioning for FIND YOUR LIGHT, a Harrington theatre group. We are thrilled to be working with you all and look forward to future projects. Right now the staff is planning summer shows, workshops, and musical theatre intensives. It’s going to be a fun-filled summer. We hope you join us. Find Your Light’s big summer musical for ages 15+ will be American Idiot, performing at Bas Bleu in July. 


Congrats again and we look forward to spending the next few months together.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to If you decide to decline your part, please email: Thank you.





*Please note that all actors will be on stage the entire show, making trees, caterpillars, turtles, jury members, war reenactment, dancing and singing in everything.

Cast A and Cast B will both get two performances.

When they are not the named character, they will be support in all dances, songs and scenes.

Alice Spencer/Alice  — Holley Winbourn Cast B

Alice Spencer/Alice  — Isabelle Brown Cast A

Alfred Hallam/White Rabbit/March Hare — Elliot Harrington Cast B

Alfred Hallam/White Rabbit/March Hare — Markus Rodriguez Cast A

Tabatha/Cheshire Cat — Aly Kerr Cast A

Tabatha/Cheshire Cat — Anna Perry Cast B

Red Cross Nurse/Queen of Hearts — Cameron Garcia

Harold Pudding/Mad Hatter/Mock Mock Turtle — Jamison Pike

Angus/Caterpillar — Marcy Licata

Dr. Butridge/King of Hearts/Jabberwock/Mock Mock Mock Mock Turtle — Damian Sanchez

Dodgy/Duchess/Mock Turtle — Sawyer Bartran

Clarissa/Mock Mock Mock Turtle/Queen of Diamonds — Alison Lanning

Nigel/Dormouse — Charlotte Couzens

Caterpillar 2 — Royal Simmons

Knave of Spades — Juliette Jensen

Knave of Hearts — Ember Bromley

Knave of Clubs — Norah Fritts

Young Alfred — Lex Knuth

Young Alice — Shyla Moore

Young Alfred’s Mother — Jen Likes 


Tube Station Patients/Wonderland Creatures/Caterpillars/Turtles/Trees/Jury:


Abigail Lincoln

Aden Valdez

Alison Lanning

Aly Kerr

Anna Perry

Autumn Newman

Cameron Garcia

Charlotte Couzens

Damian Sanchez

Elliot Harrington

Ember Bromley

Emily Gray

Emma Gischel

Grace Wallace

Holley Winbourn

Isabelle Brown

Ivy Scott

Jamison Pike

Jaxson Liscano Garcia

Juliette Jensen

Lana Schaffer

Maiki Quevedo

Marcy Licata

Markus Rodriguez

Norah Fritts

Paxton Sundquist-Siegl

Royal Simmons

Samantha Richman

Sawyer Bartran

Violet Pix Gomez


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