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...Find Your Fright’s Haunted House...

Haunted House Loveland

Find Your Light presents: Find Your Fright’s Haunted House

More Information on dates, location and times coming soon. the masterminds...

Haunted House Brandon Harrington
brandon harrington

Brandon Harrington was born on October 26th in Fresno, the armpit of California.  This little boy, the product of two Drama teachers for parents, was born to entertain. His life started out pretty dramatic. He was also born with a collapsed lung. Traumatized, he didn’t smile for months. Since then he has spent the rest of his life smiling and making people smile by entertaining them through theatrical productions, anti-bullying assemblies, clown shenanigans, deejaying and emceeing every kind of celebration, filming zany videos, doing impressions, and playing pranks on his family and friends. Nicknamed “Boo” by his Dad, Brandon has always had an affinity for Halloween and scaring people. This Scorpio loves the fall season and started his first haunted house in grade school. Then he moved on to conducting a haunted house in his family’s garage, then in his own house, then at his high school theater, and then for 12 years in Colorado in 9 locations. His alter-ego, Stitches the Clown, is the ringleader of the chaos. He thrives in the ever-changing environments Nikki and Scott Lund throw his way. Other than his family, he loves nothing more than orchestrating a rag-tag group of amazingly dedicated volunteers to a delightful evening, filled with a cacophony of screams and laughs. Brandon’s motto is “All the world’s a stage, but Stitches’ motto is “Go with a smile!”

Haunted House Nikki Lund

nikki lund

Introducing Nikki, the illustrious Spider Queen of Horror! For over a decade, she has been an integral part of the Haunted House's sinister journey since its inception, and this marks the 13th chilling year. Taking on the roles of architect, creative director, and designer, Nikki possesses a remarkable talent for envisioning and crafting spine-chilling, fully immersive experiences. Her commitment goes beyond mere twisted vision; she has personally poured thousands of hours and personal funds into making the Haunted House what it is today. Known for her keen eye for design, she meticulously curates an environment that leaves patrons trembling in terror.  But her dedication extends even further. Nikki passionately coaches sometimes upwards of 100 kids who haunt the halls, guiding them in costume, makeup, and the art of haunting. The Haunted House is more than just a season for her—it's a place that grants purpose to her life, as it holds significance for the community, the theater, and even herself.  Fueled by a love for her craft, Nikki is unwavering in her diligent pursuit of maintaining the Haunted House's national acclaim. With each passing year, she embraces the haunting spirit, and dedicates months of time away from family, and career to make the haunt interesting, fun, and truly terrifying year after year.

scott lund

Meet Scott, the unstoppable workhorse and chainsaw man behind our haunted house. With unwavering dedication, he has invested countless hours into building, designing, and ensuring our space meets fire code standards. Since the beginning, Scott's unmatched talent in construction and craftsmanship has allowed him to transform mere ideas into a fully functional haunted house in astonishingly short periods, sometimes just weeks. His ability to identify and tackle tasks with precision is remarkable. Like Nikki, he has generously contributed personal funds and props to bring our haunting vision to life and maintain its nationally ranked status. Scott's relentless spirit keeps the terror alive, making our haunt an unforgettable experience. 

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