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Welcome to your new home, your safe space where everyone gets seen, where every interaction you will be met with an opportunity to find your light. Find Your Light was created to meet the local needs of performance artists and all ages of community members seeking connection and avenues to express, create, heal, and find their chosen family through the positive outlet of THEATRE in Loveland. 


For 13 years the Harrington Family has been serving Northern Colorado, producing over 120 main stage productions, nationally ranked Haunted Houses, interactive Christmas Walks, Comedy Shows, Summer Camps, Master Classes/classes for all art forms, and anti-bullying assemblies in the schools. The name Find Your Light is derived from a saying their Dad, “H”, their Director, the patriarch and backbone of their theatrically inclined family would shout from the booth. “Find your light” was a way for “H” to illuminate his performers, to shine light on their abilities, to physically and emotionally elevate them to new heights on the stage, but also to encourage them to find their light, gifts, meaning, and purpose. We hope to continue this family legacy and tradition for years to come so performers and audiences alike can find their LIGHT! 

Find Your Light Youth Theatre

...our mission...

“FIND YOUR LIGHT” uses the transformative power of THEATRE to nurture mental well-being and empower performers of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds; creating an accepting community where hope, healing, self-confidence, character, integrity, and self-discovery flourish.

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"Find Your Light" could easily resemble so many powerful things. To our family it shows how Brandon has given our kids a place to shine on the stage. And Brittany goes above and beyond that to get us there no matter what is going on with our lives. The Harrington's are the kindest, most true hearted people in the world.
They ARE the Light! 
-Roberson/Richman Family

I'm not sure where I'd be in my college career now without Brandon and Brittany. I'm following my passion as a theatre studies major and dance minor because they inspired me to believe I could do so!

-Abigail Lincoln

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